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Yep its unfinished, no arguments there. Still pretty much an alpha as features are still being added.
Thing is most games that hit Steam in early access are pretty much alpha/beta at that stage. Star Citizen didnt exist when it was pitched so that adds to the "why is this game taking so long"
Starcraft 2 took 7 years for an established studio, game mechanic and art style. But no complaints on that one.

In any case 3.3.5 has dropped today so we get all the stuff I mentioned before. I wouldnt say its for everyone yet as more mechanics are still due.
But ground and space mining is a thing and its not bad. Theres a scanning/ping mechanic you need to use to find the asteroids and the asteroid fields are massive. Pretty much like Elite.
The bit I like better than Elite is that fragments dont magically pop out of the asteroid and then stop when its depleted. You fracture the whole asteroid down, sometime multiple times before you can vacuum up the material.
Too much mining beam power means when the asteroid cracks it flings the fragments with greater force, meaning you either have to chase the fragments down or cop one to the face.

CIG have been publishing their public roadmap for a while, personally I follow a version on Reddit thats easy to read at a glance, check it out here.
Posted Nov 22, 18
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Condolences Teacup.

You hold a special place in DSA as it relates to me. Years ago, while cruising TeamSpeak servers, I dropped in on the DSA server. You came up, introduced yourself, told me about DSA, and then took me down to the room with the other members who were online. I had a hell of a good time and continued to stop by. The rest is history (good or bad).

In short, you were my doorway to DSA and I thank you for that.

That means a lot Chaos, thanks! I remember Cat O Nine Fails doing the exact same for me when I came in the lobby twiddling my thumbs and I'm so happy I could have passed on the flame. I'm glad that all of us here at DSA could be welcoming. That's always been DSA's biggest drawcard.

Viva la DSA!
Posted Dec 7, 18
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