It has been sometime since I have posted anything in regards to EVE, I do still play though it is mostly on my own. In recent months I have spent time in low-security space in the regions of The Forge and Heimmatar, regions bordering the Caldari State and Minmatar Republic respectively. In that time I have spent many hours hunting rogue pilots and have become quite successful at it. I also have amassed many new ships to help me in my fights against the very different flying styles of New Eden.

My pride and joy is my Proteus-class vessel, called the Anathema. It sports at the time of this report, twenty seven confirmed kill-marks of enemy ships destroyed. In materials destroyed and salvaged, the Anathema has more than paid itself off, being responsible for the destruction of almost six billion isk all on its own. The Anathema is the first ship attached in the images included in this report.

The second ship I spend many hours in, is the Legion-class vessel, Reaper. This ship is far more volatile in that it requires very specific conditions to succeed in its attack. However, when in the correct position, it can strike at ranges that exceed that if the Anathema. Current confirmed kills: One

Lastly, is a newer ship in my arsenal. An Ashimmu-class vessel originally designed by the pirate faction known as the Blood Raiders. While it does not sport a unique name yet, it will in time once it gets a confirmed kill.

As operations continue, I will continue to upgrade and expand my available list of ships to give a decisive advantage, the ability to reship into the proper ship for a situation. For now, the Anathema will likely continue being my main vessel of choice until she needs to be retired, or is destroyed in action.