DSA Comp team update

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Looking forward.. in the general direction of the next MRBC / World Championship season - active numbers don't look great for fielding a full DSA 12 man team. I've been considering offering our Merc. services to another comp team.

If we join a serious comp team that brings with it high level of commitment to participation in training and comp matches.

Anybody interested? I've started negotiations with ISRC and Tier9

Currently Tier 9 run training Sundays and Wednesdays from 6:30 Sydney time (scheduled for an hour, but usually runs longer) all welcome to attend
Teamspeak: Comstar NA
Server: na1.mech-connect.net
Password: WordofBlake
(scroll right to the bottom of the channels)
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Posted Jan 21, 18 · OP
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MWO Lance Leader
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You surely love your comp' team stuff. I think that, out of everyone from DSA, you are the most dedicated. I cannot remember a time when one hundred percent was not given. Guess thats why you are the president.

I'd put my hat in the ring, but unlike you, I have a strong record of unreliability. I'm about making DSA look good. I hope we can find some members to participate.
Posted Jan 21, 18