Introducing the Death Eagle

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Name: Jon Griffin "aka Griffin"
Age: 31
Experience : Star Captain of the 5th Wolf Guards; Clan Wolf, 14 years active mech combat experience (IRL)

Backstory: Jon is known as Death Eagle. There's a good reason why this is. He was born to an aristocratic, named Jade Falcon family, in the year 3017. After being raised under the militaristic Jade Falcon doctrine he was taught nothing but power. From an early age he showed aptitude as a tactician and a highly analytical thinker. He was purchased from his lower-caste parents by a wealthier warrior-caste family, and hand reared as to be a great leader.

He held true to this. In the years to come, he fought many battles and led entire Stars of mechs into battle against opposing rival clans - namely, clan wolf. In the Battle of Rikal V, this was his tipping point, where under orders to slaughter an entire biohub of non-combatants, just before his lance could carry the order out ; he opened fire with his Dire Wolf, wiping out 2 of his bondsmen with head shots from AC/10's to the cockpit, then obliterating a 3rd with an alpha strike from his huge array of weapons, causing it to practically implode under the volley of horrific gunfire from him.

21 years of murdering innocents taught him to hate Jade Falcon. He defected to Clan Wolf, and was immediately recognised for his potential, being made Star Captain of the 5th Wolf Guards; a heavy vanguard unit.

However this was no better a situation, as he was only doing much of the same. Where he wished to atone for his sins in Jade Falcon, instead , Clan Wolf made him commit more.

He decided the only recourse was to abandon his Clan title, and seek refuge as a mercenary. He contacted the leader of the Darkstar Alliance on the netcomm; hoping against hope he would not be judged as the murderous traitor he was.

DeathEagle -: "This is Deatheagle. Reporting for enlistment to DSA. Is anyone receiving?"
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nice writeup - i like it
"The distinguishing characteristic of the lizard-brain is primarily the conservation of energy. Instead of pushing its stuff around all over the place, the lizard puts its stuff in one place and stays there. It only picks up and moves when it sees something useful and desirable, or when something distressing and undesirable shows up."

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