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If you are a light pilot looking for something faster than an Arctic Cheetah than can load up to 15 lasers, 4 AMS, 12 MGs, or a mix thereof, then the new PGI Piranha money grabber clan mech is worth looking into. It is a clan version of a Locust wannabe. General consensus on reddit is than once they are available for cbills the MGs will get heavily nerfed. Anyway... if you are considering it then these are good reads before you put any $$ down.

General Pros/Cons Discussion

Tarogato's Piranha Builds and Theorycraft
I've determined that both ELO and PSR are myths, weight class matching a fantasy, hit registration a dream, and unbalanced teams a goal. The Matchmaker algorithm is entirely a function of pure spite and malice. And if something actually works they will fix it until they break it.
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No offense, but reddit is and has always been the place for people to whine too much about things they don't want to say anywhere else.
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